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Humbrol Paints
Are you looking for Humbrol Paints? We got what you need! Paignton Model Shop specialise in all of your model making, painting, creating and collecting needs.

When you are painting your models, you want to use the highest quality paint, and Humbrol is one of the most well-known and longest-running brands. With a phenomenal range of spray paints, modelling accessories, enamel, and acrylic paints - Humrol and Paignton Model Shop have what you need.

Why choose Humbrol paint?
Humbrol is one of the most popular choices for model painting because they have been a brand associated with quality for over 100 years. Humbrol has a reputation for excellence in all of its paint options and accessories - giving model enthusiasts the best experience.

Humbrol started in 1919, although under a different name and with another purpose; by 1935, they had created Art Enamel. They were initially used for bikes and available in limited colours. Humbrol released 12 colour options in tinlets, and the amount was just enough to fix up any scuffs and scratches on bikes.

By the 1950s, the first model kits were gaining immense popularity, and Humbrol created plastic enamel - 50 shades that model shops snapped up.

Humbrol stills remain popular today because they work with the trends and new releases in the model industry.

What are the different types of Humbrol paint?
Humbrol paints come in a massive range of colours and finishes, as well as some useful extras like filler and cement.

Here are some of the Humbrol products available:

Humbrol Enamel Paint
Humbrol Acrylic Paint
Humbrol Acrylic Spray
Humbrol Varnish Spray
Humbrol Weathering Powder
Humbrol Enamel Wash
Humbrol Poly Cement
Humbrol Liquid Poly
Humbrol Fluorescent Spray
Humbrol MetalCote Spray
Humbrol Multi-Effect Spray
Humbrol Crystal Clear
Humbrol Glass Etch

So no matter what you model and the look you are trying to create, Humbrol has the right paint option for you.

Is Humbrol suitable for all model kits?
When you first start making models, you will likely stick to acrylic as it is the easiest to use in most cases and gives a great result. As you gain more experience and want to create exciting effects, you might opt for enamel.

Most model kits will have a recommended paint to use in the instruction, which means you can find the corresponding Humbrol paint type to match.

How do you choose the right paint for your model kit?
Painting your model is the finishing touch - and it is crucial to get it right. We’re happy to discuss all of your options and give you advice on the right paint for the desired effect, as well as on brushes or spray options that will work best. Most people start with acrylic for plastic models as it has a relatively short drying time, and most of the time, you won’t need to thin them.

In general, it is a good idea to have a range of both so that you can be comfortable using them - but also you have what you need for any kit that you choose.

Need help choosing the right Humbrol paint? Let us help! Give us a call or pop into the shop.